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27 December 2005 @ 12:06 am
Another year has gone by.... Merry Christmas  
Woke up at 10. Pretty late. We watched movies. Spiderman 2 and Wedding Singer. All gifts from Christmas. Spiderman 2 is just so good. I had never seen Wedding Singer. Dad pointed out that both movies had men being left at the altar, Serendipity was similar. Dad told us to get dressed. We thought at 4 we were going to Ted's, Lynn's brothers but Dad and Lynn ended up getting into a bit of a fight, the perfect Christmas over with. We got a button sewn back on my blazer, then went to Target. Got to Ted's at 7. Left at 8:30. Eric and I had a snow ball fight as we were leaving. It was fun. Came home, printed off UMMUN delegation information, and watched this Steven Seagull movie Black Dawn. The one fights scene he has in the movie you don't even see anything only there feet. It was funny, he is just getting to old.
Dad adn I just finished watching this old Frank Sinatra, Bing Crsoby, Grace Kelly movie and the ending ruined the whole movie. I was so pissed. It was called High Society, everything but the last two minutes was perfect.
Going to bed. Hope everyone's Christmas went good.

Sunday - Christmas Day
Dad picked us up at 9. Went to his house, turned on some Celine and then opened gifts. I knew mostly all my gifts and I will admit I got a little mad that this one gift I really wanted I didn't get but then I admitted to be selfish and spoiled. I loved all my stuff though and I am very lucky. Dad really liked his gift from us, The DaVinci Code: Illustrated Version. I was glad. Dad and I watched Serendipity, what would be the first of four movies to come in the next two days that had weddings being broken up. I absolutely love Jeremy Piven in that movie, his lines are written and delivered so well.
Found out over lunch that Dad and Lynn got engaged. Didn't know how to react to the news. Pretty shocked that he told us after hours of hanging out.
Went to Lynn's moms the engagement news made me a little uncomfortable. I walked in a sat down with her girls but none of us talked about it. Just as Louise, Sarah's boyfriend how ever you spell his name, was talking to me Lynn came over. I was a little uncomfortable.
We opened gifts, hung around from like 2 til 6:30. We drove home and then proceeded to open more gifts from Lynn. She did really good with the gifts this year, usually they are crap things. We had a good dinner and it was really just perfect. Kind of displayed what the future would be like. The four of us at Christmas. In that moment there were no arguements. How the holidays were meant to be.
Then we went our seperate ways. I went to my room to try on clothes and sleep. Dad took Lynn home at 11. I was so tired. I wrote him a note telling him it was my best Chrsitmas ever and headed off to bed.

Saturday - Christmas Eve
Got up at 7:30 and we opened Christmas gifts at my mom's. That is what happens when you have divorced parents, Christmas is done whenever you can. So we opened gifts on Christmas eve, I got clothes and books. My mom actually managed to get me things I wanted, the clothes are okay, some I like more than others but I got Atlas Shrugged. I can't wait to read it. From 11 till 2:30 I began reading Lucia, Lucia this book I got for Christmas. By the time we left for my Aunt's I was on page 188.
On the way over to my Aunt's I listened to Fall Out Boy and slept some. I had fun at their house. No one asked me about school which was weird. My cousin Jessica who is really shy and like 9 years old and I talked a lot. She is so cute. She thought I still believed in Santa Clause so before she told me about her no longer believing she checked with her sister. It was so cute!
My Aunt got me this really cool journal where it asks you a bunch of things and the journal is supposed to be a tool in helping you find the person you really are. How you deal with fear, frustration, love, passion, anger, etc. I thought it was a really thoughtful gift.
I told my mom at my Aunt's that I didn't want to go to Midnight mass and they all agreed so guess what? I ended yp not having to go. I just pretended to be asleep on the ride home. Hahaha. When we got home at 10:30 I continued reading Lucia, Lucia and finished at midnight exactly. I then went to bed. I felt bad that Eric had to go to mass but that just means I owe him big time.

Woke up at 11. Slept in. Computer and Veronica Mars. Went to Granny's and opened presents. Got home around 8, I wrote some poems and listened to Dashboard before going to bed at 11.

My phone woke me up at 8. Then drifted in and out of sleep for a couple hours. Like officialy got up at 10:30 or around there. We watched music video stuff and made mac n' cheese. Sean took me home. Spent the afternoon, three hours, chilling on the computer and watching Veronica Mars. Dad came by around 5:30 on his way back from Chicago. We picked up dinner and then he left for Lynn's around 6. I read this Women of the Bible thing before Eric adn I headed over to Kate's. The party was fine. Tyler was my secret santa person, I was supposed to get a gift from him, but I didn't. It made me a little sad when everyone else was opening there gifts and I couldn't. Kate and Lauren really liked there gifts though which made it worthwhile. Lauren, Kate, Mark, Michelle, Emily's and I went upstairs for much of the party. Some people were just really getting on my nerves. We left at 11 and by the time we left I felt like I had this lump in my throat.
Part of it was the whole not getting a present but the bigger part was that I am tired, even if it is in a joking way, of being called a whore and a slut. I should take it as a joke but I don't know it is just not so funny.
I stayed up talking to my mom about it, that is how upset I was. Then she made me call my dad, for the first time in my life, she admitted that I was close with my dad and that he would make me feel better.
Went to bed around 12:30.

Went over to Lauren's at 11. An hour early I felt bad because I interrupted her alone time with Matt. I apologized a bunch. We made Matt watch OC first season episodes that I hadn't watched in months. I tend to not watch them that often, I do have a life. We went to the mall for a bit to get Bailey's gift for Lauren. Ate lunch, hung out, rented Exorcism of Emily Rose. I loved the movie so much. I just think that exorcisms are so interesting and mixed in with the trial. I just loved it. I did fall asleep though for five minutes during this court sequence with Laura Linney.
Model UN party was okay. Lauren and I stuck together the whole time, attached at the hip. I don't know we had a little bit of fun, but we like just hanging with our group of friends. I think people understand what I mean. Thor got me my secret santa gift. I won't go into how he wrapped it and everything but it was funny. I got a Barnes and Noble $15 gift card which I thought was nice.
Lauren and I went back to her house and Matt was with us for probably an hour and half so we watched Grind. Who doesn't love that movie?
Lauren and I watched Winning London before bed. I had fun sleeping over, we never do that anymore. I like how we don't even have to talk, and I shared some stuff with Lauren that I had told Kate because Lauren and I never see each other anymore.
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