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20 December 2005 @ 10:53 pm
"All the lights are coming on now, How i wish that it would snow now..."  
Chemistry test. I think I did pretty good. Today was pretty pointless. It didn't feel like Christmas break was the next day though. Like I had no parties and there was no sadness when I left school. Probably because I know I will be seeing everyone over break. I won a pottery bowl Mr.Powers made in art today. That was pretty cool.
Dad took us out to eat at the mall and did last minute shopping for stocking stuffers.
Saw the guy with the big eyebrows named Ryan, that is what his name tag said, the lead singer in pajama pants band tonight working at Target. I remember Libby saying he worked there. We were in his line and my dad made this funny comment about a woman in front of us as she left hitting on him, she wasn't but he always say stuff like that, and he chuckled. For once I wasn't embarassed.
It is amazing what my dad and I talk about sometimes. We are so open with each other. Tonight when we were in Marshall Fields I said I don't understand why people by nice glass to just look at. And then we started looking at it. And he picked this one up and said it reminded him of "something." And I knew so I shouted out that it reminded him of a bong. We joked all night about that. He was suprised to learn I knew what one looked like. He said back in his day he made them or something. Supposedly I guess meaning he used one a lot, but I already knew that. He said he wasn't sheltering us enough but all night I was very proud of myself.
Just finished watching Miracle. I love that movie. It is so good. A nation coming together in a time when they really had zero hope. Jimmy Carter had hostages in Iran but here were twenty guys who beat the Soviets in a game that had for a long time been theres.

School was pretty boring. AP watching the Roe v. Wade video which just pisses me off because they always want you to feel bad for Ellie. Math was pretty pointless. Economics test that I am glad I didn't waste my time studying for, I have a 97% in class anyway. Art we watched Home Alone which was a suprise. English, Warren has been pretty cool lately. No hw in Chemistry for the first time in forever.
Model UN meeting at Dondero. Lots of delegation meetings coming up that I am not really looking forward too. I have barely any information looked up yet. First meeting on Tuesday and she wants rough drafts of position papers on Wednesday.
Fell asleep when got home. I felt really cold and I had like four layers of blankets on me. My mom said my head felt hot. When they left I went on the computer then did AP outline. Didn't study for Chem test.
Nicole said the nicest thing to me today. She said my skin was looking reall good. You know when someone who is not a close friend compliments you that they mean it.

Slept in. Skipped going to church. Dad and Eric left around 10:45 to leave to get to Wixom for Eric's soccer game. The rest of the day I spent home alone which was very nice. I kept saying I was going to do homework but I spent the whole day on the computer, I only took two breaks to take a shower and make lunch. I had fun, I love being alone. Some people don't like it but I just love it. There is a certain freedom. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I moved here to live with my dad and my brother stayed behind and my dad still traveled. I think I would like the alone time, but I am an alcoholic when it comes to the computer so I would probably never eat or do homework which could be dangerous.
Lauren picked me up at 5:30 to go to Ross' show. We got there and couldn't find it which had me laughing. We all hung out at the show and it was a lot of fun. I like our big group of friends. We always have fun, whether it is just hanging out at someone's house or at dances or shows. I thought that Pheonix Under Fire did good tonight. I was worried for a long time that my dad was goign to get mad that I got home at 8:30 instead of 7:30 but when I walked inside he was laughing hysterically to some joke. Good news.
I printed off a bunch of Xenolith submissions, ate Arby's and watched March of the Penguins which brought my hyperness down to the point that by 10:30 I was asleep on the couch.

Slept in a little. Dad wanted to get an early start to buy gradnpa's gifts for christmas but we ended up leaving the house around 11. Went to the mall and at Bath and Body Works they had this really good smelling Henri Blendi rose petal perfume. Eric got his secret santa gifts. Made a stop at Kohl's, Target, and Old Navy before going home. I tried on clothes and went on the computer. Slept for a little bit. We went down to the DYC for dinner to meet Gary, Rachel's new boyfriend. He was really nice and pretty good looking, the first of any of Lynn's girls boyfriends to be good looking. Dad talked the whole night at dinner, non-stop, without him the conversation would have lagged. But then of course there was the pint were he told embarassing stories about me swearing when I was younger because I would sneak in the hallway and watch HBO when they thought no one was looking. I was freezing during dinner. Got home late and Eric decided to put on Predator and let's just say that worked like a sleeping pill. I was out in a matter of minutes.
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