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02 February 2006 @ 03:48 pm
Seth: “You don’t ask a lady her age, her weight, or her S.A.T. scores.”  
Spending the night with my dad! Turned in journalism assignment today. I pretended I won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Doing homework before he gets home. Lauren taping the O.C. for me. Cat going crazy, it sounds like it is meowing my name. Pretty creepy.
Just online and the ocinsider has Free Marissa tees and this Summer comic book sketch shirt that is not in stock right now. I am thinking of getting them.
My Miss Sixty boots are down to $192 and they have them in Dark Brown again!!!!!!

Missed my dad. Called him after school. Did homework. Read Atlas Shrugged. Watched this Temptations movie on VH1 that was really good. The band was pretty troubled from cocaine addiction to alcoholism and deaths and wheelchairs. Messed up. Veronica Mars was on for the first time in over a month. It kept getting cancelled by Michigan basketball games.

Rap meeting. Challenge Day was today, not that I was invited but Lauren filled me in on that and we talked, something we kind of almost have to schedule or set aside time for because we don't really talk much anymore. Saw Keith Bennet which was weird.
Read Atlas Shrugged.
Gilmore was on. The camera angle they used, more documentary style towards the end or even argumentative was awesome. The camera followed the speaker as they rebuttled. I love it. The family managed to lay every problem out on the table from Lorelai getting pregnant to Rory leaving Yale.
Watched Meet The Barkers.

Model Un Meeting. Felt like I was going to faint after school. Kate left during school so I had no one to keep me awake during Chem, and it was so boring.
Watched Wildfire. Courting Alex, which has the best friend of Ed, from the TV show Ed. I love that guy. Evening was pretty uneventful.

Slept in. Wanted to hang out with Lauren but ended up going over to Kate's and watching Monty Python and the Life of Brian with her and Emily Reed. Kate and I talked for a good hour and half after Emily Reed left.
Eric had a soccer game at 9 and originally I didn't plan on going but since dad was going out of town I suffered through it and my dad and I had a lot of fun making jokes and stuff.
Grey's Anatomy. Right on as usual.

Woke up still angry at people, myself, and a dream I had.
Finished This Lullaby.
Slept most of the day from 12 til 5 in my room. Going in and out of consciousness. My mom came in my room and layed in there which really pissed me off. She just sat on my floor, and then would make accusations. She may want us to be close but the fact is that we aren't. She wouldn't let me hang out, I was sort of mad.
Connor wanted to watch Grind. That movie is funny no matter what people say.
Sat in my room writing and just listening to Tally Hall.

Watched Oprah, she had on the cast of Brokeback Mountain. I loved Michelle Williams. I didn't know she was so shy.
Alex Petit's party. I was kind of just pissed, I had low points and high points. I was mad at myself and at others. I can't explain it. I was having a weird night.
When I got home I couldn't sleep so I just read This Lullaby until an unknown hour.
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