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27 December 2005 @ 11:55 pm
"I want to draw blind faith or a fading summer or… just a moment of clarity."  
Got a little bored while writing Model UN position papers. And this is what came out. Thinking of calling this poem First Love. I think it is implied through out the poem.


I woke up late on Saturday morning,
The sunshine finding its way through the cracks,
Got ready for you to come over,
Autumn leaves make there way inside,
My favorite time of year,
New beginnings promised as the season transitions,
Changed clothes three times before you came over,
Settle on my worn in jeans,
Last week you drew a faded heart upside down,
In green magic marker,
On the knee,
I’m wearing your baseball t-shirt,
You left it at my house two days ago,
It smells like your cologne,
You gave me a promise ring yesterday,
Underneath the willow tree at the park downtown,
You pulled it out of your pocket,
Traced the inside of my palm,
Gently placing it on my finger,
You kissed my forehead,
And whispered “I love you” into my ear,
I giggled like a little girl,
You just traced patterns till I stopped,
Perfectly content,
Painted my toe nails red,
To match the Spiderman band aid on my finger,
I got while making your Valentine’s card,
The gash went deep and blood seeped to the surface,
A scar will be left behind,
Scars seem to be left behind to easily,
More fragile then I would care to admit,
We lay on my shag carpet,
I trace with my finger tip,
The curve of your shoulder to your palm,
You stare at the ceiling,
Our breathing meshing together,
A bond like we have is not broken easily,
My room smells of fresh roses,
The ones you brought with you today,
You are always bringing me little gifts,
I stuff them all away,
In a box under my bed,
I pull it out whenever I want to remember,
Collection of wilted rose petals and cards gently lay discarded inside,
Your hand comes to rest upon my waist,
Pulling me to rest at your side,
Together we lay in peace,
Love seeping to the surface,
Impairing our otherwise good judgment,
We are naïve and in love,
Enjoying the serenity,
We only find with each other.
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