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16 December 2005 @ 11:48 pm
"It's that day again, It's that time of year, With our smiling faces, We will sing with cheer..."  
During the day I was really tired. I had a dream that it was a snow day and everyone was hanging out so when I woke up and we didn't have a snow day it was really disappointing.
Silver bottling in Chem.
Went to mom's after school, got ready, went to dad's and then went to Emily Reed's. Emily Huening had me cracking up and I overflowed my pop a bunch of times.
The dance was fun but it was pretty deserted but I didn't really expect it to be packed so it wasn't a shock. Dances suck because if you don't have a date or no one likes you it just puts a damper on everything. Plus I am self concious of my dancing and what I look like. Kind of gets in the way. Didn't get to see Lauren to much. I lost my voice kind of or it is at least scratchy.
Dad took Lynn, Eric and I to Ram's Horn. He was pissing me off when he kept saying he passed up going to this really nice resort just to see us, or that we didn't feed the cat yesterday because of all the snow. I mean on and on. He was beating a dead horse. I didn't find it funny.
Then at the dance I made the mistake of sounding sarcastic when I said "Lauren's will be awesome." She must think I am a bitch.
Christmas shopping tommorow for grandparents, secret santa, and me.

Math test. I didn't think it was to bad. Got a 15/16 on econ quiz. Test on Monday I am nervous for.
Finished sewing people's christmas gifts.
OC and Reunion.
When the OC came on I got really giddy. My mom laughed at me. But seriously, the last couple weeks Lauren has been taping it for me. I can't explain why I like it so much and why just the theme song or Seth's wit can make me super giddy. I just love it. When I think about it when I am not watching, I can be like "What is so great about it?" But you just have to experience it. And when I heard all the Chrismakkuh talk it made my grin even bigger. The show, for me at least, is something were you feel like you know them, they remind me of our group of friends. I love it because facets of the show are really cliche' with the strip clubs, etc but really the way they portray the friendships are what make it so real.
On Reunion Sam kept telling Will that this was going to be his year. She says it a couple times and you feel bad for the guy because I know that is like. For someone to tell you deserve all these things, happiness, etc. Just telling someone that doesn't make it happen. Also it hurts, because you think if I deserve them, then what am I doing wrong?
Mom and I argued most of the night. She is constantly on me about everything I do. Getting sooooo tired of it.

You'll never guess who talked to me in art today. Here is a clue: He hasn't talked to me since he got to Kimball. Let's just say I was shocked. Not really excited though. So over that.
Meeting after school for Turkey delegation. We just kind of talked about what info we should find and met the people we didn't know. Had a supply quiz in econ. Okay day, I guess.
I just went on the computer and watched Veronica Mars. Studied for Math test.

Watched Veronica Mars. GG was a rerun. Mom was out and Jim was too for a bit, forget why. Model UN rappeteour meeting at Dondero. We stayed until 5. I am really having fun but I hate not getting home at 3 and just chilling.

Got up for school. Hugged grandpa good-bye. Sadness in the pit of my stomach. School was pretty sucky knowing that my dad and grandpa were leaving. Model UN meeting at Dondero, pretty funny. At night I watched Veronica Mars and so on.

Woke up at 7:30 went to Ram's Horn for breakfast and then church service. Eric's soccer game and then Lynn, Theresa, Becky and Rachel and all of us went to Buffalo Wild Wings and were there for awhile. They came over at like 6 too. So we had two hours probably between seeing them. I hate it because dad wants everyone to see his dad but I want to be selfish and just keep him to the three of us. We see him so rarely.
Then dad got a call and his cell was like glued to his ear. He got mad that his dad hijacked the dinner but seriously he was talking to much to cook. Then as everyone is over and I am setting the table already pissed enough, Rachel could tell, I hear from Lynn that dad is going out of town. Right then adn there I almost broke down. I had tears but I sucked them back in. I told myself I wasn't going to cry in front of everyone. I just shot dad dirty looks. We were supposed to be with him Monday and Tuesday. He keeps just going out of town. And then so he pulled me downstairs to talk and I just nodded my head it was all I could do.
Stayed up watching the History Channel with grandpa to squeeze some more time in. But that ended up making me even more tired.

Further proof of why I like Rachel and sometimes am annoyed by Lynn. This is from Rachel's lj -

"Last night everyone was really getting on me. who knows why, they just haven't seen me in a while i guess. but it didn't really bother me. my grandma was the only one sticking up for me (but i think she also just gets a little annoyed with arne sometimes), but then my mom was like, if i started doing that to his kids, they'd cry. and she started to say last night that she would tease them like that so he could see how it felt. and i'm just.. apalled. i don't know what else to say. that is so mean. why would she ever take anything out on his kids? they didn't do anything. especialy ashley who gets enough teasing from eric and her dad already. i don't know. my mom always preaches her positivity bullshit, but i've found that she is more than just every once in a while the most negative person of all."

She is just nice to me. My dad was just joking around people take it the wrong way but I can't believe Lynn said I would cry if she made fun of me, people make fun of me all the time, I don't cry, I may be hurt but seriously.

Woke up at 8. Took a shower. Athen's for breakfast. Shopping rest of day. Dad and grandpa thought I was in a funk and would get out when I got stuff. But really the thing is that it was always in the back of my mind that he is leaving on Monday. Spent an probably two hours in Urban Outfitters finalizing what I wanted. Picked out a cute wrap shirt, tights, shrug, t-shirt, and this cool necklace. Also got Veronica Mars season one. We went home and rented Pizza and watched Collateral and Fantastic Four. I took a nap for like twenty minutes. Eric had a soccer game at 10 at night. Got home at midnight. So tired. Body phsyically exhausted.

In a sucky mood in the morning and my dad called me a "bitch" but come on seriously I wanted a snow day. I hate how are school always deprives us of our snow days. Just let us have one. The day was boring and pointless. At night we went and saw Narnia at the Palladium with my church, Lynn came too. It was really good, better than I expected. You can really see how Lewis drew from Tolkien. Plus, Peter was hot and the little girl who played Lucy was so cute. She reminded me of Grace, the girl I used to babysit. We went out to dinner with the Lau's after to Buca and got home at like midnight again. Don't see sleeping in in my future.

Drove around in circles at the airport while police directed us. Grandpa arrived an hour late and since we were in such a rush. No hug. We got home at midnight in the sucky Mercedes Benz rear wheel drive rental and went to bed. I was so tired. Praying for a snow day because want to spend day with grandpa.
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El Chupacabraawesomesauce111 on December 17th, 2005 05:33 am (UTC)
duh duh dah duh duhduh duh duh dah duh...
Laurenangelkisses330 on December 17th, 2005 04:33 pm (UTC)
dont think your a bitch...
i didnt really get to talk to you to much.
but yea... ill tell you later.

luvvv ya!
xsaintxxjimmyx on December 20th, 2005 02:15 am (UTC)
I thought the dance was fun. I used to be really nervous about what I looked like, i would be like 'do i look cool...probably not' at this point I dont care.It's more fun too I think you look worse when your really stiff and uncomfortable looking.
Thanks for not calling me pathetic when I tell you about the oh so many embarassing moments that happen during the school day
Hah I have something to tell you about my cousins that live in Hollywood, my gay cousin formally known as Dougie, changed his name to Trey and was on the dating show NEXT because he lives in California. LMAO. can't wait to see that....not. okay well i thought that was hillarious
I'm going to f a i l the chemistry test, i really am.
ocfanatic25ocfanatic25 on December 20th, 2005 08:39 pm (UTC)
i don't think i did that great either, just crossing my fingers. see you on thursday. we will be on time.