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08 December 2005 @ 05:37 pm
"It's that day again, It's that time of year, With our smiling faces, We will sing with cheer..."  
Got up. Freezing outside. Oh, how I hate snow.
Talked to my dad about asking Grandpa for the $250 Miss Sixty boots I want. It is look like they will be staying a dream. I just love them so much!
Our school administration has decided lets rip out all the carpeting and make it look like shit. It is disgusting, it is like you could get some disease. And there is nowwhere to sit. Art was a blast today, I was dieing of laughter when Kelsey was telling me what happened between Brooke and Lucas on One Tree Hill last night and started imitating there conversation. Because it was all soap-opera like and stuff. Funny. Kate, Travis, and I had a blast in english. It is part blow off class and serious. My paper is coming along. Chemistry just brings a damper to all the fun. No more laughing.
Grandpa arrives tonight!! So excited. Cleaning some more and hanging around. My mom came over to my dad's house to make me try on these four things she bought me. Two are so ugly. I cannot believe she is going to force me to wear them. But she was like inspecting my dad's house. My room she looked in my closet and stuff. She liked my room, she said. She saw my dad's room which is messy because of him traveling and she said, "Doesn't look like you are ready for grandpa?" She can be such a bitch. I mean my grandpa is not going to be in dad's room. Seriously. I just wanted to kick her out.
AP Quiz tomorrow and math quiz. Hopefully going to have a snow day, then I can spend more time with Grandpa.

Eric had to get up early for the ATC PLAN and so did I. I got to school at 7:15 so I just sat in front of the AP doorway staring down the deserted hallway and it looked super cool. The maintence door was at the end and like we learned in art it gets smaller the farther away. So I was just staring and then out of nowwhere appeared Billy and then Dohko came. She is a really nice teacher.
Pretty good day.Got my report card. All A's and a B+ again in Chemistry. An 88% again. I mean seriously. So close. Emily and I had a hilarious conversation about Booser's teaching skills. Which she doesn't have. She is so nice but should not be a teacher.
Chem test was pretty hard. I rocked the M.C. portion but the equations and balancing got complicated. Carbon, oxygen and hydrogen are to blame for the bad grade I am likely to get.
Got a response to the emial i sent my grandpa last week, he said the cutest thing ever. "Things will be back to normal." I don't know what normal is for us but it means that we mean as much to him as he does to me. I am excited. He is my only living blood grandparent. I miss him so much sometimes, but at the same time it doesn't feel like four months since I last saw him, the memories last awhile.
Cleaned up the house all night, from my room, to just odds and ends. Catched up with dad.
Veronica Mars, my second favorite show or tied for first with OC was on. Man, I love it. They had a storyline right out of The Twelve Angry Men on the episode. Logan was in it for a bit which made me happy. Just excellent all around. Stayed up till 11 just thinking about tomorrow.

Got up at 6 totally exhausted. Took the ATC PLAN this morning. The science portion was really hard for me, people were saying "What can you not read?" I personally thought it was hard. I felt rushed during that portion. Alex Green and I goofed around a lot during the test, I hardly talk to him anymore.
Rappeteour meeting at Dondero. We did nothing because the computer was off and couldn't scrapbook. I felt like a failure and just kept telling Erika that. I like how everyone in Model UN is really nice. Lisa and Rayna and Bailey and so. Just really nice.
Not with dad. Out of town again. Miss him so I called twice during Gilmore to talk to him, my mom and Jim at Connor's vocal music Christmas show. We stayed behind. Went on the computer. Gilmore was a rerun. Watched Big in 05 on VH1 to just pass the time. Getting pretty bored. Bed early.

Model UN meeting. Doing a secret santa there too. I get Melinda A. She seems nice and I know what to get her. Heard stories from GLIMUN. Lauren and I didn't have any weirdness today. Mom putting the finishing touches on my dress. Pretended to have more hw on computer when just searched. Mom and I talked during her sewing about 7th Heaven and Related, they were reruns. Took a shower and headed to bed early.

Mom wanted to go to church so of course we had to. When we go to church at Shrine the little things end up pissing me off. Case in point, I never voiced this but we parked the farthest away so Jim's car wouldn't get hit but then we freezed our asses off. I just get annoyed sometimes, pretty easily. Church was over then we went home. I sat around in my room and did the Supreme Court justice hw. I stayed home from Eric's soccer game pretending I had LOTS of hw and really just surfed the internet. I doubt I am the only one, but I love alone time. Just thinking and getting to be by myself without others hounding me. Watched some of Big in 05 on VH1 and watched Grey's Anatomy. I love that show. In my top three. The storylines always merge together in innovative ways. The characters are developed and loveable but screw up and it never gets to preachy.

Had a dream about the Miss Sixty Leather Studded boots I want. Woke up early which pissed me off. My mom and I sewed from 2:15 in the afternoon till 10:30 at night. Seriously that much together time with my mom is almost deadly. I just put the Celine Dion Christmas cd on repeat so I didn't have to hear her. I sat at the table just staring at her hands sewing the fabric together.

I was pretty adament about not really wanting to hang out and just work on getting the dress for dance and everyone's gifts done but Eric and Lauren kind of persuaded me into going to Travis'. I had a good time, played forgetting what it is called oh yeah foosball, and then just talked a lot. Libby, Amanda, Alex P, Rob, Tyler, Billy, Travis, Jordan, Eric, Kate, and Lauren was everyone. We had fun.
Current Mood: bouncygrandpa's arriving!!!!
Current Music: The Winter Song, Eisley
Laurenangelkisses330 on December 8th, 2005 11:54 pm (UTC)
played forgetting what it is called oh yeah foosball

your so cute that you forgot what foosball was hA!

your grandpa is coming tonight!!!!!!!!! yay

sorry i got kicked offline and i couldnt get back on.it was crazy and then i came back on and you were gone.
mandee26mandee26 on December 9th, 2005 12:35 am (UTC)
wow, you sure do write alot, just kidding
just glad i was mentioned... :)
Laurenangelkisses330 on December 12th, 2005 01:40 am (UTC)
hope your having a fun time with your g-pa. tried calling you a few times your fone was off. but thats okay
see ya tomorrow
luv yaaaaaaaaaa